“2024 i15 Pro Max” Android Smartphone Review: It’s Shit.

What a mouthful. This phone cost me $166 with free postage on eBay Australia, and let’s just say… it tries to take a shot at the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max and fails spectacularly. How does it fail that badly, you ask? Strap yourself in… it’s gonna be a doozy.

PM2 Process Manager + NET Core = Build Loop

I use the wonderful PM2 process manager to handle processes on my Linux servers. Sometimes though, I’ll get a weird error about “N/A” not being a valid version string when running NET Core applications.

Suncorp PayLater: A Cautionary Tale

This is going to sound random coming from a IT guy that usually blabbles on about computing, software and other tech. After lots of consideration, I’ve decided to share my story about Suncorp’s PayLater Credit Card.

Yuzu Emulator: Dead, but not forgotten…

Updated 11th April 2024: New links to the Suyu Emulator git repository. We all know what was to come when Nintendo sued the company, Tropic Haze LLC, who where the developers behind the popular Citra and Yuzu emulators: Death was imminent. Interestingly, Tropic Haze LLC has quite a history leading up to the court case….

Quick Review: FENVI WiFi 6 MediaTek-powered USB Adapter

From time to time, AliExpress sends me emails that show off some really nice deals. One said deal was 30% off a FENVI-branded USB 3.0 WiFi 6 Adapter. I decided to check it out and order one unit. The unit arrived after a bit of an extended wait due to the Chinese Lunar New Year….

Follow up (again): Purging Microsoft Edge off Windows breaks some updates

I forgot to write about this earlier but I will admit that I have had second thoughts in ripping off Microsoft Edge from Windows 10 or 11. Instead, it’s probably better to leave it installed but disable its automatic updates executable, which I detail in my guide for this. Why the change of heart? I…

Follow up: Microsoft Edge reinstalls itself after Windows Updates

If you’ve followed my guide to purge Microsoft Edge off your Windows installation, sometimes you may notice that it’ll come back uninvited. Luckily, I have figured out how to stick a gag into it and tell it to bugger off. The Remedy Firstly, check to see if the MicrosoftEdgeUpdate.exe file exists in a specific folder…

Fix being unable to boot back into SteamOS after a BIOS Update

If you’ve followed my guide on how to dual boot Windows 11 and SteamOS together on the internal storage of the Steam Deck, you may run into a situation where the Steam Deck BIOS boot selection entry is gone after a BIOS update is installed. Read on to find out how to get yourself back…

The Ultimate Steam Deck Driver Pack

This is literally the ultimate Steam Deck Windows Driver Pack and it’s a supplement to my guide on how to do a non-destructive dualboot setup on the Steam Deck. While it mostly contains Valve-supplied drivers, it also has some of the missing ones that I’ve found over my adventures on the internet. UPDATE 2023-10-26: Apparently…

You, Steam Deck, SteamOS and Windows 10/11: Non-destructive Dualboot Guide.

Ever wanted to run SteamOS and Windows side-by-side on your Steam Deck without having to reinstall the OS? At the end of this tutorial, you will achieve being able to dualboot between Windows 10/11 and SteamOS. Your installed games on SteamOS will be preserved, unless something goes wrong during the partitioning stage of the tutorial….