Follow up (again): Purging Microsoft Edge off Windows breaks some updates

I forgot to write about this earlier but I will admit that I have had second thoughts in ripping off Microsoft Edge from Windows 10 or 11. Instead, it’s probably better to leave it installed but disable its automatic updates executable, which I detail in my guide for this.

Why the change of heart?

I found that while using Tiny10 or Tiny11 and taking some updates, they’d fail to install. I wasn’t sure why the updates were failing to install until I did some digging through Microsoft Support forum threads and sifting out the garbage posts which showed that ripping out Microsoft Edge damaged some components which trigger the updates failing to install.

By failing to install, they’d get to 100% and then just shit the bed after a reboot causing Windows to roll back the changes.

Then… what’s the solution?

In my opinion, the better solution is to leave Microsoft Edge installed, but just stick a gag in it’s updaters’ mouth and leave it be.

You could use Waterfox, Ungoogled Chromium or something else for your daily driver. I don’t recommend Brave or Opera though, nor any “Secure Browsers” such as Avast Browser or AVG Secure Browser. Those are just Google Chrome clones and garbage tier at best.

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