YouTube-DL GUI v1.1 Release

I originally intended to keep this application for my own personal use but I thought I’d share it around for anyone who wants a simple and easy to use tool to download a youtube video, or a playlist. (Yes, there are some typos, and will be fixed in the next version).

Copy paste your URL into the box provided, and supply any desired arguments – for example, you might want the best quality available. RTFM for youtube-dl’s switches before asking me, please.

While it is intended for use with YouTube, the GUI tool is actually a wrapper for the command line tool youtube-dl. It uses a custom compiled-as-an-app version of the said command line tool with Python 3.5 that will be downloaded once. This allows me to make bug fixes to the youtube-dl code to fix things and bring in nice features the authors have missed, are just lazy or like slapping “WONTFIX” on their bug reports. Sad!

You may download it from . It’s currently v1.1 and may contain bugs. If you do spot a bug, please report it here or tweet me on twitter (@coburn64). Limited support is given, and comes with no warranty.

Other than that, please enjoy. Isn’t it nice to have a tool to download videos without having the risk of getting malware?

YUMI: A Senran Kagura Mod Installer – March 19, 2017

This version of YUMI, which is my personal mod installer for the PC version of Senran Kagura Estival Versus should be treated with extreme caution because it may break your game and require Steam to verify the game caches.


How to use?
First download the March 19th release from Google Drive. Extract this to anywhere you want. Secondly, run YUMI.exe once – accept the “Are you a pirate?” warning, then as soon as the GUI appears you’ll notice 4 new folders in the folder where YUMI is. You want to ensure you have the folders “ModsToBeInstalled”, “ModsAlreadyInstalled”, “Backup” and “Temp”.

You can download the Godray Uncensor Mod, which I converted to make it YUMI compatible from this Google Drive link. Props to the original author, nekomimi10 at LoversLab (NSFW!). Put it inside “ModsToBeInstalled” and hit Reload. It will then appear in the mods available list. Select it, and hit Install. It’ll chime when complete.

Don’t forget to set your game installation directory as the mod installer will remind you to do so if you think you can cheat and let it automatically detect the game path.

Uninstalling mods is not implemented at this time, nor are backups (that functionality is broken).


How to make mods compatible with YUMI?

YUMI uses a INI file format that is parsed per mod when the lists are reloaded. This means that if there is a lot of mods in your “ModsToBeInstalled” folder, then it could lag YUMI. If mods are popular enough for SKEV, I’ll work on some cache system or something.

When making a mod, you need to ensure that the root directory of the mod archive like so:Basically, YUMI extracts everything but the mod.ini file into your game directory. In the case of the Uncensor mod, there are files in folders under the “GameData” folder which will overwrite the original game files.

The mod.ini file structure is like this:

Name=My Senran Kagura Mod

The first line is the mod ini header. You must make sure it’s typed like that, as this will tell YUMI that it’s a compatible mod. Next is the “Name” which is used to display it in the “Available Mods” and “Installed Mods” list. If you don’t have this set, it will come up as nothing or “Unknown Mod”.

Author is self explainatory, if not set it defaults to Anonymous. Category is unused in this build, but it describes the mod (ie. Script changes, Cheats, Graphics, Audio, etc). Last but not least is Description and I think that’s unused in this release. In the next release it’ll be shown before installation.

Once you’ve made the mod.ini, in your file browser select all files and send them to a compressed archive (Windows 7+) or use 7-Zip. Do not compress the folder. If your resulting ZIP file has this:


Then you’re doing it wrong. You need to ensure it looks like this:


Got that? Good.

If anything goes pear shape, just verify the integrity of your game files and Steam will fix it up (hopefully). Please report any bugs to me, as that would be great if you can.

If you need help, then please use the Senran Kagura subreddit located at this link to ask your questions. You can also try using the comments here; although I am quite busy and may not reply in a timely fashion.


World of Warships: Potato Team Frustration.

I need to vent a little for my own sanity here. I play one of WarGaming’s games called World of Warships, which has plenty of action between WW1 ships and WW2 ones. I came across WoWS many years ago after I got fed up of the Kantai Collection compass RNG trolling.

I also had played World of Tanks in the past and got fed up with the match maker assigning me, who tried to keep at least 50% win/loss ratio to potato teams. What is a potato team you ask? It’s a team that do fuck all to help you when you need it. Let’s take a common scenario:

You’re playing a match on a map in Domination mode. There are 3 points in the middle of the map, and you’re playing a Tier 5 Russian Destroyer (vodka vodka vodka hey). You go and scout ahead to B, which is your job – go ahead of the team and scout, as well as hide in smoke and pop torpedoes into the sides of unexpecting cruisers and battleships. You announce you’re going to cap B and your team replies with “Affirmative” and “OK”. They seem to be going to back you up.

However, a US Cruiser has got Hydro on, and he’s detected you in the smoke you popped to hide yourself while you work your way to cap B. You press F7 to announce you need urgent help and look at your mini-map… The team has split up and gone to A as well as some Battleships flipping their shit out and turning around, exposing their broadside to any enemy BB wanting to snipe from 15+ kilometers away.

You’re under heavy fire and desperately trying to survive while running way. Alas, while you’re on fire and you get hit with a salvo of HE rounds… and die. You’ve tried to defend yourself, but you’ve got a wolf pack pounding your metal and you could do shit all damage because you’re busy trying to escape.

This is the sort of game-play that is fucking retarded. Instead of the team being supportive, they go away from the people who are pushing to carry the team, go and crash into each other (ship orgy?) in the corner of the map and then call the “good” players on the team fucking noobs because they died and they didn’t get the support.

Why the fuck should I support a teammate that didn’t fucking support me when I was trying to push? Why is my team not pushing up? Why are teammate shooting another teammate? Why is my team’s Aircraft Carrier being retarded and acting like a fucking destroyer and not SHOOTING DOWN FUCKING PLANES?


This is the same sort of shit that made me quit World of Tanks. Now that I’ve been accepted into the AG7 Gaming clan, I have more fun hanging out with them over TeamSpeak and discussing tactics, but even then the clan members do vent steam in the channel.

If this shit keeps happening I may very well hang up my admiral cap and go on vacation. Or maybe I should just go play some Co-Op battles instead.

Also props to the clan. Awesome guys, fun to play with and lots of shenanigans that lighten the mood.

Honest Anime Opinions: Anne Happy / あんハピ♪ (2016)

Hibiki + Cape Feather = Nice Super Mario World reference there.

I’ve seen a lot of crazy anime in my time over the past few months, including but not limited to Bakuon!! and Hidamari Sketch (one anime I still have to finish, but my subbed MKV files were corrupted).

Anne Happy is an anime adapted from the manga of the same name, and basically follows the lives of 5 girls in Class 1-7 at Tennogofune Academy. They pretty much have zero luck, and their class is called the “Happiness Training Class”. The teacher, Kodaira-sensei, puts them through various training classes in which the team of 5 always screw up one way or another.

If it’s not Hibiki walking in the wrong direction to Botan’s bones snapping every second minute, then I don’t know what to describe it. The premise is outright chaos… Dumb and no common sense would be the best description I can think off the top of my head.

Seriously, words cannot describe what the fuck's happening here.
Seriously, words cannot describe what the fuck’s happening here.

What impressed me is the Opening and Ending songs. They are catchy and well, for an opening and ending they are pretty good – upbeat, lively and the characters vocals keep me watching them throughout the anime episodes for that slight chance that I might see a variation of the OP or ED.

Also on the list is the teacher that I mentioned before. She’s damn good if not a little two-faced as she’s lovey-dovey one scene and in the next she’s doing something badass, or maybe even trolling as you can see in the screen cap below.

You are the weakest link. Good------aaaaaaahhhhhh
Oh, don’t worry. You’re safe with Sensei… * CLICK *

That being said, I enjoyed the anime. I know some people will be turned off with the characters looking young (AniDB says they are all 16 year old so definitely out of the “way too young” category) and the whole Moe tropes but if I would say do give it a chance with at least a few episodes.

It’s like a lucky dip bag – it doesn’t tell you what the next part is going to be, as one moment they’ll be in the classroom and then the next it’ll be lunch time. Would I like a Season 2? Yes. The season ends with the first semester, so hopefully they’ll do another season to continue the chaos that the first season left.

Honest Verdict: Funny but really dumb cast at times, good sound, some light drama and bad-ass teacher, likely to lighten your mood. Do check it out.

Oh shi—

KanColle Kai – Disassembly Mini-Project – Filesystem Structure

This is gonna be a big long post.

Judging from this, KanColle Kai uses a lot of XML abuse as there’s a shit-ton of XML files. Character Live2D files seem to be baked into the .asset files. In the patch, you can see updated Live2D motion files so I assume they now check if there’s files available from the patch folder, and if so, they use them instead. A few MP4s are used for the Opening Video and the in-game training drills, along with the normal or true endings (I haven’t played KC Kai through to the end yet). There’s also some loose files that are icons, a session image (?) and a tweet button (?).

Filesystem Structure

Game Card (Retail Version)
ROM Size: 1.84 GB (1,977,621,545 bytes) according to Windows 10.
All files are listed in the gamecard filesystem device. Continue reading “KanColle Kai – Disassembly Mini-Project – Filesystem Structure”

KanColle Kai (PS Vita) – Disassembly Mini-Project

I’ve been a fan of Kantai Collection, which is a game based around the concept of female characters that have memories from their World War 1 and 2 counter parts. As you would guess, it’s a JRPG with lots of RNG abuse, and it eventually took form as a DMM-hosted Flash Browser-based flash game. As popularity grew, it spawned both a PS Vita port (KanColle Kai) and an Arcade port (KanColle Arcade). I gave up the Browser version because the compass trolling in the game was taking a toll on my sanity.

If you want more information about it, please go see the KanColle Wikia as they do a much better job explaining the game than I do.

Someday, I do hope to get my hands on a ROM/HDD Dump of the arcade version of KanColle, mainly because I’d love to see what game engine they use, as the battle sequences are full 3D and I want to rip the 3D models to use in personal projects. If I win the lotto or something, I might even buy the arcade and import it here. (If anyone does however have a dump of the arcade game, please do get in touch…)

As for KanColle Kai, the game runs on Unity3D. This can be confirmed by the presence of the “UnityEngine.dll” file in the


folder, along with numerous other Assemblies that are the compiled C# code and UnityScript.

On the Vita, gro0: is the game card, while app0: is the filesystem that belongs to the application version (the one you would download from the Japanese PS Store). My copy is the retail game cartridge version. I believe gro0: stands for gamecard read only slot 0. Which makes sense, because the PS Vita only has one game card slot. You can’t write to the game card through gro0: unfortunately.

I have been researching and looking at a forum who did a guide on how to dump PS Vita games with the 3.60 Henkaku exploit and while I can access my savedata unencrypted, the rest of the game is encrypted. At least the cartridge is. The guide I’m following is supposed to allow me to decrypt the data on the fly, but it seems that isn’t working – for now at least until I get some more pointers. With that being said, that doesn’t stop me from looking around in the file system and documenting what KC Kai has hidden. From what I can see, the game uses quite a lot of XML files.

I’d like to stress that I am not doing this to endorse piracy. I am a tinkerer, and I like to see what underlying things are inside the game and if I can even replace sounds and/or music for example. As I usually say, I’m doing this for educational purposes only.

Next update to this project will contain a list of the files in the filesystem. It’s pretty big and I might turn the list into a PDF or something for easy viewing. Or I might just dump it all into a blog post. Heh, I don’t know.

Coburn out.

Adware in Software Installers – Quick Thoughts

Adware. Software designed to try to pop up and mess with your normal computer activity, and/or inject advertisements at random intervals, or when told to do so by a master server.

Some applications I use like the cleaning software from Wise and ImgBurn now come with annoying “offers” that the author is trying to make some quick bucks from. It’s almost as bad as OpenCandy – that piece of shit that would be installed on many computers that came into my office which would randomly try to install additional software that the client didn’t want. Wise/Lespeed Technology Inc has a offer for SpyHunter 3 (which is by the same guys who are suing BleepingComputer for giving them a crap review because their product is garbage) which you can easily click “Decline” – it’s on the left hand side than next door to the “Accept” button on the right. I’ll let them off the hook because they do offer a portable version of Wise Disk Cleaner and friends that you can download, extract and run to not worry about having to install things.

WinSCP’s installer used to use OpenCandy, but stopped after it came under fire due to malware being installed. ImgBurn’s installer if I recall correctly uses OpenCandy and the author, Lighting UK came across as a big prick where he basically said “Install the ‘crapware’ then uninstall it once ImgBurn is installed” and said “Nope, no binaries only or portable versions”. In fact, ImgBurn is quite portable – zip the files up in the installation directory or copy them to your USB Stick and you’re gold – I did that to my copy to ImgBurn and it hasn’t complained.

I recently tried to download JDownloader 2, which is a all-in-one download manager that will also download files from a lot of file-hosting websites. Just copy and paste the links, it’ll check if they are valid, you know the drill. However, the official web downloader will download a adware-infested version of the actual JDownloader setup file which BitDefender detects as a Trojan. You have to dig into the forum archives to find links to the no-adware installer versions which install without any adware attached.

My case here is that software authors need to understand that not everyone wants to install offered crapware with tools – especially those fucking Bing/Ask/SearchProtect/whatever toolbars that fuck up your web bowser. Sure, you can offer them but do not be a prick and hide the “Skip/Decline” button. Give the user two (or three, if you have multiple offers) options that say “Yes, Install”, “No, skip”, “Skip all”. That’s all I’m asking. Or go the alternate route and put a screen before the “Setup complete” screen saying that if you like the software, please throw some beer money into the jar. That way the user can decide.

I personally have donated to software developers that make good software and the installer is clean of crapware offers. I understand it takes time and money to make good software, but if your installer infects my machine with crapware before I can even use your software, then I’m not using it.

Just my two cents.

Time to dust off the blog… and Pokemon Go thoughts

Nothing really much to say to be honest, apart from some stuff like Pokemon Go. Might as well write about it while I’m taking a breather between website development projects.

I’ve been looking into that game and for the fans of the Pokemon franchise, it works. It helps people who are big fans of the games or even the show to get outside and walk around catching the pocket monsters.

Without putting my hand into the beehive, I’ll just say that some people lack the knowledge to even read the warning that appears on the game loading screen – Be aware of your surroundings. Yet we have people being silly, running into traffic to catch a Eevee. Or even worse, people using the AR mode (where it puts a feed of your device’s camera as the battle background) in places like toliets and well… places where the camera should be disabled.

Maybe there’s a funeral on and suddenly people nearby scream out “I GOTTA CATCH THAT PIKACHU!!!” and upset the whole funeral setup. Not only is it inconsiderate but it puts not only yourself in danger but others as well.

While I have caught a few Pokemon myself and am about to level up to Level 5 so I can try my hand at a Gym Battle, I’ve lost a majority of interest in the game. I played the Red/Blue/Yellow, Gold/Silver/Crystal, Ruby, LeafGreen and the Nintendo DS rehashes of G/S/C and after throwing so many Pokeballs I just got tired of it. It’s just not my cup of tea anymore.

I still enjoy watching how much glitch abuse Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow gets, that game is full of coding bugs but yet talented people actually can use a glitch to fix another glitch, or even write completely new maps and such. Want to play Pong in the GBA generation of Pokemon games? Sure, with ACE exploits (which runs custom code from console/cartridge work RAM) you can.

As a hobbyist game developer I look at the flaws that Pokemon R/B/Y has, how they are exploited and just be amazed at how the game was programmed and how talented hackers can make stop the game from crashing or battle trainers that exist in the game but are unused… or even implement their own “glitch trainer” with working Pokemon that don’t crash the game.

But for now, I’m hanging up the PokeGear and going back to Ingress. Pokemon Go is just a new fad and given the amount of server downtime, I just don’t enjoy it.