Senran Kagura: Estival Versus gets banished into R18+ category

Note that R18+ at the top right corner.
Note that R18+ at the top right corner. Australian Rating Boards, please explain?

Queue the artist’s favourite phrase “Boobs are life, ass is hometown” as Europe (and the other places of the world, I think) got their release today (18th March 2016) of Senran Kagura: Estival Versus while the US got theirs on the 15th of March. I’ve ordered the Asian Non-Region locked edition, which is in English and it’s on it’s way to me from Play-Asia. They shipped it last night (my time) and I’m hyped like a little kid in a candy store. But enough of that – on to the main beef of this piece.

I personally think the R18+ rating is too harsh for a game like this. You play as a female ninja from the roster, and you’re fighting (and stripping!) enemies on your way to victory. There’s the sexually suggestive one-liners that the girls say, Haruka is a complete tease and HAPPY BOOBS.

As for the rating, I can understand why SK: EV would fall into the MA15+ (Mature Audiences 15 Plus) category straight away since you’ve got almost-naked female bodies without genitals or nipples – confirmed as there was a bug that unintentionally made some outfits fail to load in the Japanese release that was fixed in a Japanese bugfix update – so I can also understand that this game is NOT for kids to play. “Mummy, what’s those big things that jiggle?”. Heck, the 3DS Senran Kagura games got M and MA15+ respectively (correct me if I’m wrong).

But for an R18+ rating on a game like this? I haven’t seen game play footage apart from the trailer because I don’t want to spoil it for myself but the game doesn’t have any sex scenes nor is it a hentai (porn) game. Those types of games get an X18+ rating. Yes, X-Rated games are a thing now after that classification came back from the graveyard.

Sure, SK:EV might have funny sexually suggestive dialogue and some characters that are a tease – I’m looking at you, Haruka – but I’d love an better explanation from the Ratings board why SK: EV deserves a R18+ rating. “High impact sexualised gameplay, online interactivity” doesn’t really explain much – why is it high impact? There’s no drugs. There’s no gore or gibs. At the very least, a R18+ rating is better than having characters get censored and/or clothed up because reasons. (Ahem, I’m looking at you, Nintendo of America).

Anyway, until I have my hands on a copy I can only sit on the fence. I hope to get it next week so I can jump back in and look at the new game in the series. I’ve included additional stuff that I’ve wrote since publishing this and a few more images below.
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Mini Review: Senran Kagura Burst, Nintendo 3DS (NSFW…ish)

Press Start for Ninja Boobs!
Press Start for Ninja Boobs!

Reviews aren’t my forte but here goes. Today, I’ll do a mini review with the first western-released game of the Senran Kagura games on the 3DS. Screenshots were taken from my own hardware, and the use of them falls under “Fair Use”. Due to the questionable nature of the screenshots, viewer discretion is advised.

WARNING: The following review contains screenshots that may contain boobs, panties and/or other body parts that may trigger or offend other people. If you get triggered or offended easily, then this review is not for you.

Senran Kagura Burst is actually a remake/improved version of the first Japanese title, “Senran Kagura: Shoujotachi no Shinei” which is developed by Tamsoft Corporation and published by Marvelous! (yes, their company name includes the exclamation mark). That said game had some minor flaws, but overall got a decent recognition.

Burst was released in 2013 with English language dialogue by Marvelous! USA (formally XSEED Games, although they still use the XSEED Games brand, I think…). It contained a second story-line from the other schools’ point of view, bug fixes and other miscellaneous additions, changes, etc.

XSEED Games/Marvelous! USA have done a good job translating it and keeping it as faithful to the original as possible, unlike how all that “Fire Emblem Fates” crap is going down in the USA – I’ll say no more about that.

Originally, I thought the game was just be 2D sprites and static backgrounds, kinda in the sense like retro beat-em-ups. I was wrong. And I’ll explain why – keep reading below!

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New blog and stuff…

Well, when you have your own personal domain just sitting around doing nothing I guess it’s not a bad idea to turn it into a personal blog of sorts.

As you can possibly tell, I’m not exactly super thrilled to be writing the first post with “eh, welcome to another blog”, so well yeah. There you go. Welcome to my new blog.

Now I better set up some spam protection or else I’ll have the spam bots crawling all over this place…