Adware in Software Installers – Quick Thoughts

Adware. Software designed to try to pop up and mess with your normal computer activity, and/or inject advertisements at random intervals, or when told to do so by a master server. Some applications I use like the cleaning software from Wise and ImgBurn now come with annoying “offers” that the author is trying to make some quick bucks from. It’s almost …

Time to dust off the blog… and Pokemon Go thoughts

Nothing really much to say to be honest, apart from some stuff like Pokemon Go. Might as well write about it while I’m taking a breather between website development projects. I’ve been looking into that game and for the fans of the Pokemon franchise, it works. It helps people who are big fans of the games or even the show …

Windows To Go: Actually, it’s not too bad

Just thought I’d throw it out there and comment on my experiences of running Windows 8.1 from a USB Hard Disk. The USB Hard Disk is a WD Elements Basic that supports USB 3.0 (SuperSpeed). Using GImageX, I deployed a vanilla copy of Windows 8.1 Professional – which was actually a hackish way of doing things since you have to …

Fracking fake Telstra callers giving me the shits

To hell with these guys. How the hell do you get my home number in the first place?! I’m going to put my responses in italics, just so it’s easier to clarify. This is basically the transcript as it went on. The guy was clearly not very fluent in English. I spoke in a deep serious tone as I was in the middle of having lunch.


“Hello, how are you today?”
“I’m good thanks.”
*awkward pause* “Hello? Are you there?”
“Yes, I am.”
“I’m calling from Telstra, and your internet will be disconnected for 3 months”
“Okay, but why?”
“Sorry, I didn’t get that”
“Do you have a reason as to why?”
*guy mutters something in chinese*
*guy hangs up*
“….The fuck was that?”

Next time I get a call from that I’m going to record it. Enough with these stupid calls.


Howto: Rescue Windows 10 from a Hibernation Loop in 7 Steps

I had to rescue a Windows 10 laptop that somehow got stuck into a hibernation loop, where it would hibernate and instead of it resuming normally from disk, it would resume and then go back into hibernation mode. Windows 7 or 8.1 doesn’t suffer from this, so it’s a Windows 10 quirk. The Windows 10 version the client’s laptop was …