Fracking fake Telstra callers giving me the shits

To hell with these guys. How the hell do you get my home number in the first place?! I’m going to put my responses in italics, just so it’s easier to clarify. This is basically the transcript as it went on. The guy was clearly not very fluent in English. I spoke in a deep serious tone as I was in the middle of having lunch.


“Hello, how are you today?”
“I’m good thanks.”
*awkward pause* “Hello? Are you there?”
“Yes, I am.”
“I’m calling from Telstra, and your internet will be disconnected for 3 months”
“Okay, but why?”
“Sorry, I didn’t get that”
“Do you have a reason as to why?”
*guy mutters something in chinese*
*guy hangs up*
“….The fuck was that?”

Next time I get a call from that I’m going to record it. Enough with these stupid calls.


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