AliExpress Choice XrayDisk MicroSD Cards: They’re legit!

So… we’re back and here’s the results of the testing of the AliExpress Choice MicroSD Cards. These were XrayDisk-branded, which has been a good brand with some SSDs I got from them in the past.

Yep, that’s the two capacities. The red and white font on the packaging reminds me very much of SanDisk’s colour scheme…

Surprisingly, they are genuine and unlike the fake 256GB/512GB KRY-branded MicroSDs some time ago, they actually have a good read and write speed which is always a plus.

Tests were performed on the cards using HW2Testw to verify if the cards were faulty or showing a fake capacity. Let’s get on with the testing!

The 64GB MicroSD Cards

The 64GB microSD cards came pre-formatted with the exFAT filesystem, which is a interesting change from the usual FAT32. Anyway, here are the results of that write and verification test:

HW2Testw - XrayDisk 64GB Testing
Yep, she’s legit. That write and verification speed is definitely better than those KRY Fakes of mine…

This is very respectable for genuine cards. Write and Verify speeds may not be the fastest, it’s better than the first experience I had with the KRY branded fake 256/512GB cards… which never really surpassed 9Mbyte/s for the Write and 11 Mbyte/s for the Verify speeds despite them being Class 10 and UHS 1 “certified”.

The 128GB MicroSD Cards

The 128GB microSD cards came pre-formatted with the exFAT filesystem, much like their 64GB sisters. Here’s the write and verification results on the 128GB ones:

HW2Testw - XrayDisk 128GB Testing Results
Yep, she’s another legit card. Respectable speeds too.

Both 128GB cards checked out fine. Speeds were respectable, no other observations worth mentioning. All tested MicroSD cards are rated for Speed Class 10, A1, U3. Whatever that means…

Conclusion & Should You Buy?

I’m satisfied with my purchase and surprised at the quality. I paid less than $30 AUD in total with free shipping to get these MicroSD cards. They’ll be good to slap into something for extra storage in a hurry.

So, yes, I would recommend them for short-term storage. No, I would not recommend them for the long-term. I’d recommend a better brand like genuine SanDisk or Samsung. Especially if you’re planning to use them in a device like Valve’s amazing Steam Deck portable console.

The reason why I say no to the long-term storage is the NAND quality – you don’t know if it’s going to be reliable or die within a short time frame.

With that all said, thank you for reading this review and I hope it was useful. I’ll catch you again soon.

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  1. Check out Officeworks, currently selling Samsung 64GB for $12, and 128GB for $20! o.O

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