The Ultimate Steam Deck Driver Pack

This is literally the ultimate Steam Deck Windows Driver Pack and it’s a supplement to my guide on how to do a non-destructive dualboot setup on the Steam Deck.

While it mostly contains Valve-supplied drivers, it also has some of the missing ones that I’ve found over my adventures on the internet.

UPDATE 2023-10-26: Apparently I’m an idiot and forgot to link the actual driver pack from the Google Drive. It’s available below.

What’s included?

In the pack, you’ll find the following:

  1. Valve’s AMD Custom APU driver, codename Aerith.
  2. AMD Ryzen Mobile Chipset driver: installs some extra drivers that the Valve custom APU doesn’t feature, reduces the amount of Unknown Devices in Device Manager.
  3. Realtek WiFi Driver: Self-explanatory, better then the out-of-box Windows ones.
  4. Realtek Bluetooth Filter Driver: See above.
  5. SD Card Controller Drive: See above (again).
  6. Audio Driver Set: you’ll need to install both to get sound.
  7. AMD AS4 Drivers: To be used with this entry to install them.
  8. Toolkit: Includes a bunch of essentials to get you started with the Deck on Windows.

Download the Drivers

You can download the drivers from my Google Drive located herePlease do not redistribute this driver pack. Instead, link to this page.

Installing the Drivers

Valve’s Custom AMD APU Drivers

Run the Setup executable inside the “Aerith” subfolder in the “1. APU Driver” folder.

AMD Ryzen Mobile Chipset

Run the EXE inside the “1. APU Driver” folder.

This installs some extra drivers that Valve’s Custom APU Driver Set misses, including firmware TPM support and other Ryzen chipset things. Even though the APU is custom, it still has some generic Ryzen chipset functionality.

Realtek WiFi Driver

Run Install.bat inside the “2. WiFi Driver” folder.

Realtek Bluetooth Driver

Run InstallDriver.bat inside the “3. Bluetooth Driver” folder.

SD Card Controller Driver

Run the Setup executable inside the “4. SD Card Driver” folder.

AMD/Steam Deck Audio Device Drivers

Two part process.

First, right click on the INF file inside the “5. Audio Driver P1” folder and choose Install. Repeat for the INF file inside “5. Audio Driver P2” folder.

Sound should then be available for playback as well as Microphone – not 100% sure about the headphone jack, though.

AMD AS4 Drivers

Follow the install guide on the write up I did already.

Toolkit Extras

For the items in the Toolkit folder, run what you want at your own leisure.


Let me know in the comments. I’ll do my best to help.


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