July Blog Update

Well, what a rough fucking few months it has been. I guess we can all thank the human malware that is COVID-19 for that. From government restrictions going in full force to them being lifted and finding myself trying to keep afloat in a sea of client callouts and other jobs, it’s been crazy.

I will say though during this period, the constant reports of COVID being reported from around the world and whatnot really took a toll on my mental health and sanity overall. I also had stress and fear that my business would go under, as my income stream literally went from a river to a trickle. Luckily, this has subsided thanks to some life-lines and things are getting back to normal.

However, now since it’s winter and it can get fucking cold at night and early morning, that doesn’t help when I’m trying to wake up earlier so I can fit more into my day… yeah no, my body literally says “Fuck this cold weather, I’m going back to bed”.

Anyway, I wanted to keep this short as I just wanted to update the journal and say that yes, I’m still alive and slowly getting back into the things. I will do another update later this week or perhaps next week as I have some loose thoughts going through my head regarding a lot of things, including game development.

So until then, take care and I’ll see you in the next blog update.