Health Update and Birthday’s just around the corner…

Well, seems that my nostrils want to fuck around with me just before my birthday. And to be honest, I don’t need more shit right before my birthday… Although, if anything, I’d probably blame it on the weather since we’re currently in Winter and August, which is my birth month.

I’ve already had one nostrils’ vessels cauterized in the past to prevent me from having massive nosebleeds on one side (my right) and I’ve already had the other side (my left) chemically cauterized to reduce the severity of the bleeds.

Although, with that said, it didn’t stop a pretty bad one around the start of 2019 (or was it 2020? I can’t remember, probably 2019) which kept on going for quite some time (I can’t remember, probably close to 1 or 2 hours in total, since it would start, stop and then start again), and I also was having stomach problems at the same time. Ultimately, it required me to get the doctor to pack some medical guaze up there to stop it if it decided to start up again, as well as give it some time to heal.

So a week or so ago my left nostril seemed to randomly pop a vessel causing it to bleed when I woke up. All I remember was getting up, sniffing since it was chilly and then feeling the warm blood starting to trickle down the nostril. Not fun! Finally, I got it under control and continued on with my day.

Then a day or two ago, I had a random bleed from the same vessel but it wasn’t the same vessel that popped earlier – this one looked like it was on the “floor” of the nostril, so I’d suspect it was chafed due to the dry/cold air. I was actually having lunch and it just randomly started bleeding for no good reason, but it stopped by itself soon after. I’m gonna call that a mini-bleed.

Just today, while I was lifting and moving plastic containers full of old computer parts and other crap and I must have strained my nose or something as I had a bleed from the cauterized side. Probably inhaled a bit too hard or something causing a vessel to pop. This was enough to make me have a bit of a panic, but it wasn’t pissing out, but enough to make me concerned.

So I guess the question is, what the fuck is going on, and is this just the weather doing this or am I doing something wrong? I’m definitely not picking my nose. It’s, in the words of Louis Rossmann: RANDOM!

Anyway, I just hope my nose doesn’t give me any shit on my birthday as I don’t want one that’s spent trying to stop a bleeding nose. Once I get this out the way though, I’ll go to the doctor and get a referral to ensure both sides are cauterized.  Might as well, so I don’t have to put up with it.