Ignorance Reliable UDP Transport for Mirror & Unity Engine

Ignorance is a reliable UDP based transport for vis2k’s Mirror High-level API which is a much improved version of UNET. This transport is currently developed and actively used by my game studio, Oiran Studio for our networked game projects.

Version 1.1.0 which adds support for the Mirror Networking 2018 Branch has just been released as a Xmas present for Mirror-using network developers. One can grab the latest code and releases at my Github repo, which is https://github.com/SoftwareGuy/Ignorance . You’ll always find the latest release to hit the ground running at https://github.com/SoftwareGuy/Ignorance/releases.

Happy Networking!

5 Replies to “Ignorance Reliable UDP Transport for Mirror & Unity Engine”

  1. I’m not able to get the Demo pong app working.

    Unity 2018.3f, Mirror directly from asset store, and current release of Ignorance on github. Windows 10, firewall disabled.

    Any ideas?

    1. Are you getting any specific error messages if you set the verbosity to something higher than “Chatty”?

      1. Happy New Year
        I’m getting similar issue. Client will not connect to server.
        Client says Enet initialized then a few seconds later it say deinitialized.
        Server says active Transport: Ignorance, Threaded v1.3.10
        If I run as(Server+Client) it works, but I cannot connect to it from other clients.
        If re-link Mirror Kcp Transport, both server and client work…
        I’m missing something in setting up Ignorance.

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