It’s Christmas… already? WTF?

Well, what can I say. It’s another Christmas and this time the year is 2018. It’s gonna be another fucking stinker of a summer, with temperatures expected to be mid-40s or maybe 50s around the country.

For me however, the last few weeks have be particularly brutal in which I had stress crash into me like a tidal wave and got some health problems involving a nosebleed due to a burst blood vessel in my nose and then a currently on-going case of wanting to puke rainbows (which has the puking rainbows part has gone away, thank heavens!) and nausea. I’ve been taking time to recover, but the nausea has been rearing its head around 0530 every morning so far. It’s annoying, but hopefully it will fuck off before the heat kicks in.

Anyways, so yeah. I’ll be taking a break from my IT support job over Christmas and the New Year. I need to consolidate a lot of stuff, upgrade my Unity Game Development stack and do a bunch of other things. I’ve also got things to get off my mind and I’ll probably update my blog while I’m taking a break from it all.

Oh, and before I forget. I will probably be trying to stream over the holiday break. I have to yet purchase Smash Bros Ultimate, but I might see if I can get the Senran Kagura Peach Ball pinball (?) game. That should be fun.

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