KanColle Kai – Disassembly Mini-Project – Filesystem Structure

This is gonna be a big long post.

Judging from this, KanColle Kai uses a lot of XML abuse as there’s a shit-ton of XML files.¬†Character Live2D files seem to be baked into the .asset files. In the patch, you can see updated Live2D motion files so I assume they now check if there’s files available from the patch folder, and if so, they use them instead. A few MP4s are used for the Opening Video and the in-game training drills, along with the normal or true endings (I haven’t played KC Kai through to the end yet). There’s also some loose files that are icons, a session image (?) and a tweet button (?).

Filesystem Structure

Game Card (Retail Version)
ROM Size: 1.84 GB (1,977,621,545 bytes) according to Windows 10.
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