Windows wants an upgrade? Not on my watch.

Just an update to say yes, I’m still here and that I’m currently working on a tool that helps defend your Windows 10-based device against the horrid mess that is Windows 11.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that eventually Windows 10 will be obsoleted as with any other operating system over time but from what I’ve seen and my own personal experience with Windows 11, it has been a train wreck from the beginning.

Personally speaking, I feel it needs another year or two before it’ll be solid enough for me to endorse it. Given Microsoft’s tactics to force people into upgrading to Windows 11 (which I despise), I feel you should be able to control when you want to upgrade.

My tool will be no-bullshit, no-frills, just gets the job done and offers to give you protection against Windows 11 upgrades, or lock the Windows Update system to a specific version updates (ie. 21H2, etc).

It’s nothing special, it basically just makes it less painful for people who don’t know how to use the Registry Editor to block Windows 11 upgrades.

I might even offer the option to disable Windows Update from checking entirely, but this is a very risky move as it means Windows Update does not query outside servers increasing the risk of getting exploited or hit by zero-day attacks.

That will be up to the end user of the tool to decide, I can only go so far to warn the user of the potential problems ahead. Would also be best used in a trusted environment only.

I will do a video tutorial once I have released the tool. A rough test version exists on my internal dev net, but no public version has been released.