Dialup Internet? In 2022? Coburn, are you nuts?

Windows 98SE showing a connected to dialup prompt and connection stats.
Your local Aussie has done it again and made himself a 24Kbps modem connection in 2022.

Telephone companies hate him! Find out how one Aussie makes his own ISP with some weird shit and magic!

Thanks to a Cisco SPA112 being the real MVP in creating your own home-grown dial-up ISP, I have successfully managed to get a Pentium II with MMX machine online in 2022 using a 24Kbps connection via its Rockwell V.34 ISA Modem.

The SPA112 has a modified dial plan so when the client modem makes calls to a bogus number (13 TENRYUU which doesn’t exist), it routes to the server USB 56k Modem hooked into the phone 2 port and rings that modem. A Raspberry Pi 3B+ running Debian 11, mgetty and pppd is the workhorse along with proxy software to allow proper HTTP and HTTPS browsing support.

I intend to go surfing the internet on it sometime live on Twitch.