Still alive. Time for an update.

It’s been a while since I last updated the journal, but things have been like the usual – a rollercoaster with some pretty steep climbs and descents.

I was pretty glad to see 2021 roll over to 2022. 2021 felt like a paid DLC for 2020 in all honesty… while there was some good things that happened in the previous year, a lot of not-so-pleasant stuff happened too. 2022 seems to be a better year at the moment, but looks can always be deceiving…

With that said, this year I’m determined to get a playable demo of my shooter project, Codename Misfits, up and running on both desktop and mobile platforms. Networking is the hardest part of a shooter project and I have to learn things such as lag compensation, roll back, and client state prediction which are like 90% new to me. I’ve heard the terms but never really explored them.

While Android and iOS will be experimental during the test run as I potentially could cross-platform support with Mirage, I will be focusing on getting my game out there, even if it means I need to harness the mobile sector. I’ll just have to put on the hazard suit and wade through the crap infested waters.

After all, I’m literally a one man team since my other studio friends are battling their own IRL stuff. If my own game isn’t gaining traction then I’m doing something wrong.

Other than that, I want to mention that I aim to stream more on Twitch. I enjoy just streaming whatever and really shouldn’t be limited to one particular category. Just open a game, go live, have fun and have some viewers hang out in chat.

Anyway, that’s enough of my rambling, I’ll make note to update this more often because looking at my journal posts in 2021… they were really sporadic.

Until next time.