Getting blocked from an upstream Github Repo: NX edition.

This is going to be a short piece regarding some drama that I had with an “upstream” developer regarding a dependency that my Mirror HLAPI transport, Ignorance, uses to make things happen. I’ll provide an analysis of events and provide my thoughts.

Stanislav Denisov, also known as nxrighthere on GitHub, is the developer of the ENet-CSharp wrapper that Ignorance uses as the layer between the unity side of operations and the native C side of operations.

I had a lot of respect for him at a personal level, as he did help me out quite a lot during the early parts of developing Ignorance with debugging some code that went wrong, including crashes when I tried to send data to clients back in the day.

However, my respect for the guy has been dropped completely.

Back in my day…

Sometime ago in the Discord server, the leader of Mirror, vis2k invited Stanislav into the server to clear up some misunderstandings and just try to smooth things over. Unfortunately, that never went the way as planned, because what was said was taken the wrong way and treated as an insult. Sure, there was some heated words exchanged, but we wanted to sit down and have a constructive discussion. Unfortunately, we were denied that chance when he pretty much stormed out the door with “Have a good day” and left the server.

As a result of this, NX blacklisted most, if not all, the Mirror developers (including myself) from his repositories. Even developers that weren’t part of the crossfire got whacked with a ban from submitting issues, forking code, or what have you. We also had screenshots from different members confirming that he had blacklisted us from his repositories after a new developer wanted to fork his ENET to run local experiments on it.

That doesn’t mean I can’t take a offline clone of ones I desire and then pop it on my own account with all the code intact (since I’d never take credit for what I didn’t do), like I’ve done here with ENet-CSharp, or grab someone’s fork and fork that fork (wait, does that even make sense?).

How not to look professional…

What I’m getting at this is that for a developer, this is no way to look professional. Yes, you can have your venting moments, but this was seen as really immature behaviour. It shows the fact that he couldn’t adapt or deal with our criticism, or acknowledge it and strive to improve himself.

We meant no harm and definitely didn’t make threats against him or his team of people, we simply wanted to work out our differences and have a constructive outcome. Something that both parties agree on and they aren’t trying to cut each other’s throats. However, it seems that “constructive” is not in his dictionary.

Myself? I am very disappointed in Stanislav. I don’t know if this was out of pure hatred, rage, or he was on something at the time and couldn’t tolerate our points. Maybe he was having a bad day? I do not know.

At the end of the day, I’m just a developer. I ask for help on things I am not sure about and I code things in a way that works, optimizations come later.

Final thoughts.

The only thing that one must do in this situation is get over it and move on. While this is a disappointment, it’s futile to leave this be a ball and shackle around my leg.

Let’s hope in the near future that Stanislav realizes he was at fault and tries to make up for his immature “block everyone” actions.

We’ll see.