Thoughts on Call of Duty Vanguard (PS4)

Going back a week or two, I finished Call of Duty Vanguard on my PlayStation 4. It was a fairly alright game although while the developers claimed that “it was a return to the Call of Duty roots”, I pressed X to doubt on that.

I don’t have the time as I’m just finishing my lunch break to go into a full review, but the game itself was decent. There were some glitches that I spotted here and there, such as some model clipping, animations playing incorrectly (at the wrong time) and some snapping going on.

It was pretty decent – the Aussie character voice acting was pretty good and made me laugh with some of the Aussie slang and humor in the lines which didn’t feel forced. Story was actually decent and satisfying – at least I followed it better than Black Ops: Cold War’s story.

However, there were things like “Fast Mags” and other attachments on WW2-era weapons that I thought were too modern for that games’ era. By that I mean were Fast Mags a thing back in World War 2, or was it just two mags taped together? As in when one’s empty you just pop her out, rotate 180 and slap the second one in?

That sort of thing had me asking myself a few questions as I couldn’t see said attachments being “real” back in the day.

Overall, apart from the price tag, it was a good game. Annoying huge download though, but I’d give it probably 7 out of 10. Definitely has flaws but apart from an enemy in a mission I had troubles with, it was solid.

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