Life Update 2

Time for a general update since I’ve been hella busy with real life commitments, workload and whatnot this past few weeks.

I need to get better with time slicing my days. Right now I’m using a to-do list to organize and keep focus on tasks that are outstanding. This helps a lot because I tend to be scattershot with a lot of the tasks I do – meaning I’ll spend lots of time on one when I should be spending only, say, a hour or two per session on it. I don’t feel comfortable going into details but I find I get overwhelmed with workload which leads my stress levels going through the roof, then I get burn-out and I refuse to work on the stuff that I need to get done for a while. It’s definitely not good and while I try to keep myself from reaching the burnout state, there’s only so much before I just want to say “Fuck it all” some days.

The other most recent event that happened is that I got some faster RAM for my Ryzen 7 computer. I’m currently using my trusty DDR4-2133Mhz sticks that make up 16GB, but I got some G.Skill Sniper X RAM that was on a 50% off special at one of my suppliers. They worked great for a while until I noticed that Windows was crashing a lot in the way that applications would randomly suicide and to cut straight to the cheese, it turned out the RAM modules were literally Russian Roulette. And I kept getting the shots when I pulled the trigger.

It also doesn’t help I even went to the extent of changing Power Supplies and Motherboards from my ASUS B350 to an MSI X370 and that was a pretty penny. On the flip side of that though, it did get me more USB3 ports and a dedicated USB BIOS flash-back revival port in case the BIOS gets fucked up. That said, I also have a debug display on the motherboard that cycles through the stages of boot up, so I know if it’s getting stuck or it’s booting.

I am also considering getting a MacBook in the case my workstation goes nuclear. Given the fact Windows 10 loves to do what Windows 10 does and randomly shit the bed, I think it’s probably a safe move. It’s funny, because I have an anti-apple stance but after having to deal with clients that use Mac OS, I just think it’s time I swallow the bullet, get over my anti-apple stance and get a refurbished Mac so I have a backup plan. I have some older Windows laptops that would do the trick, but well, they have Windows 10. And right now I probably need a bit of a vacation away from Windows. Sigh.

Anyway, other than some other stuff I need to take care of, that’s me at the moment. Take care.

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