Honest Anime Opinions: Anne Happy / あんハピ♪ (2016)

Hibiki + Cape Feather = Nice Super Mario World reference there.

I’ve seen a lot of crazy anime in my time over the past few months, including but not limited to Bakuon!! and Hidamari Sketch (one anime I still have to finish, but my subbed MKV files were corrupted).

Anne Happy is an anime adapted from the manga of the same name, and basically follows the lives of 5 girls in Class 1-7 at Tennogofune Academy. They pretty much have zero luck, and their class is called the “Happiness Training Class”. The teacher, Kodaira-sensei, puts them through various training classes in which the team of 5 always screw up one way or another.

If it’s not Hibiki walking in the wrong direction to Botan’s bones snapping every second minute, then I don’t know what to describe it. The premise is outright chaos… Dumb and no common sense would be the best description I can think off the top of my head.

Seriously, words cannot describe what the fuck's happening here.
Seriously, words cannot describe what the fuck’s happening here.

What impressed me is the Opening and Ending songs. They are catchy and well, for an opening and ending they are pretty good – upbeat, lively and the characters vocals keep me watching them throughout the anime episodes for that slight chance that I might see a variation of the OP or ED.

Also on the list is the teacher that I mentioned before. She’s damn good if not a little two-faced as she’s lovey-dovey one scene and in the next she’s doing something badass, or maybe even trolling as you can see in the screen cap below.

You are the weakest link. Good------aaaaaaahhhhhh
Oh, don’t worry. You’re safe with Sensei… * CLICK *

That being said, I enjoyed the anime. I know some people will be turned off with the characters looking young (AniDB says they are all 16 year old so definitely out of the “way too young” category) and the whole Moe tropes but if I would say do give it a chance with at least a few episodes.

It’s like a lucky dip bag – it doesn’t tell you what the next part is going to be, as one moment they’ll be in the classroom and then the next it’ll be lunch time. Would I like a Season 2? Yes. The season ends with the first semester, so hopefully they’ll do another season to continue the chaos that the first season left.

Honest Verdict: Funny but really dumb cast at times, good sound, some light drama and bad-ass teacher, likely to lighten your mood. Do check it out.

Oh shi—

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