Pitfalls of PS4 DLC Region-Locks

I should have seen this coming, but alas one is sometimes blind.

As you have seen, I’ve got a region 3 copy of Senran Kagura: Estival Versus that is the Asian English release (the game ID seems to be the Hong Kong english release). While the PS Store displayed content from the Australian version of the network, I assumed the DLC would be region-free. There was some stuff in the store that was free, like the “Free DLC Set” and some other goodies. I was like “Sure, I’ll download that and customize my ninjas with the new outfits”… but when they downloaded they got stuck at “Waiting to install”.

Thinking I need to boot my copy of the game to make it install the goods. I booted it up, played a little and then paused the game – checking the PS Menu’s Downloads section. They were still stuck “Waiting to install”.

So, thinking my PS4 console was glitching, I rang Sony’s PSN Helpdesk. I got a very helpful lady that answered my call, and I explained what was going on. After some verification questions and such, I basically gave her a short run-down on the issue. She knew it affected some others, and asked me for the game ID. Since my copy started with ‘P’, she had to look it up and confirm it was an overseas copy. Unfortunately, she couldn’t help me out by telling my system to force the DLC install (or switch it to the correct region) because “We would have to check the console to ensure that the DLC was indeed stuck installing, and people weren’t doing shady moves”.

I’m not going to bash Sony for that, that is a completely legitimate point. It stops people downloading DLC in which they then say “Oh it didn’t install” and getting refunds, etc. I should have realized the DLC locks to the game’s ID and unfortunately, Australian DLC for Senran Kagura: Estival Versus doesn’t work with Region 3 (Asian) releases of the said game. So I either have to buy the Australian release of the game via the online store or just let the DLC collect digital dust.

After a few more questions regarding another game and a bug in the screen that appears after inserting a game (the one that says “Related Items/Activities”) that allows me to buy the game again even when I have the physical copy), and the support call was wrapped up.

So, gamer beware – play an import game and you want DLC? You’ll have to buy it in it’s region for it to install. Wrong region DLC for games will download, but not install… unless you’ve got the disc for the correct region.

As Battlefield Bad Company 2 says when you mess up – “EPIC FAIL”. I’m somewhat bitter about it, but I understand Sony’s point of view.

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