Moving On: Migrating away from Mirror Networking

Just dropping a note here in my journal that I’m slowly migrating my stuff away from Mirror Networking. Some petty things went down between the project lead and myself resulting in getting blocked and demoted by them. I won’t go into details here out of respect, but you don’t need to know. It’s really petty things, trust me on that.

Don’t let my words give you the wrong idea. Mirror is a good product for a networking stack that allows you get your game up and running with reliable multiplayer, it all boils down to the fact that I’m just disappointed at the handling of the recent petty things.

There may be a time in the new year where I return to Mirror – never say never! – but for now I have a train to catch to leave the Mirror station. I will still be updating Ignorance and keeping it patched against whatever breakages occur, but for now I need to vent this out of my system and get back to what I love doing.

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