Another day, another bait…

Yeah, I deal with these trolls a lot. All they want to do is piss in your cornflakes.

In case you aren’t aware, I’m the developer of the Ignorance Reliable UDP transport, and I can’t help but shake my head (and maybe sometimes laugh) when I see comments like this from known trolls. This guy randomly tries to throw a dagger at me and hopes he can inflict a response or something.

To be fair this guy has helped me in the past, however I put that in italics because it was more of him being a pain in the ass while doing so. That help however was very minimal. Very minimal compared to the support of other Mirror network developers and the absolute legend who is c6burns on GitHub.

Here’s the kicker: This FSE guy keeps all, if not most of his code private on GitHub. So when you go actually see what code he’s made, it’s apparently nothing – all because it’s hidden. That really says something doesn’t it? Does he not trust the public eye looking at his code? Oh, I remember. He was part of the whole NX saga…

My code on the other hand (for Ignorance or any open source project) is available on my GitHub so you can take the code, contribute, improve it, and send back a PR… as long as you abide by the license of course!

Still, if he’s got the balls to say my code is shit, I challenge him: make a better implementation of Ignorance. Simple as that.

I’m all for improving my own skills and code quality, but if you’re just gonna troll me, my waifu would like to say something:

tenryuu (kantai collection) drawn by kuragari

You’re welcome.

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