Wanted: KanColle Arcade Unit (Sega Nu Hardware)

I’m looking to get my hands on a KanColle Arcade unit. I have a strong interest in the Kantai Collection universe and I am looking to get my hands on a physical arcade cabinet.

This is what the arcade cabinet itself looks like from the official website. Shiny.

If you know of anyone who deals with these arcade units, or has connections, please get in touch. I’m based in Australia, so it’s going to be probably a pain in the ass to get through customs, but hey – no pain no gain, as they say.

The arcade unit itself isn’t anything super special – it’s a standard PC designed for use in Arcade environments called the Sega Nu. From what limited scraps of information I can source online, it has a Intel Core i3-3220 CPU, a NVIDIA GeForce GTX650 Ti (1GB GDDR5), 4GB of DDR3 RAM, 192KHz / 32bit 5.1ch Audio Chip, Gigabit audio, A JVS I/O Connector, Serial 4ch (?), 4x USB3, 2x CAN (?), I/O Power, DVI-I and DVI-D support, SATA SSD 64GB + 500GB HDD and runs Microsoft Windows Embedded 8 Standard. It also has it’s own “SEGA Original” security and Windows security.

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